Earth, Wind & Fire

Concert Under The Stars


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Thursday June 26, 8:30pm

Main Stage Confederation Park



Philip Bailey- lead vocals, percussion
Verdine White – bass guitar
Ralph Johnson- vocals, percussion
Bobby Burns- trumpet
Greg Moore- guitars (electric & acoustic)
Gary Bias- saxes
John Paris- drums, vocals
Phil Bailey- vocals
B. David Whitworth- percussion, vocals
Myron Mckinley- Musical Director, keyboards
Reggie Young- trombone
Morris O’Connor- guitars (electric & acoustic)

During the 1970s, a new brand of pop music was born - one that was steeped in African and African-American styles - particularly jazz and R&B. Earth, Wind & Fire were the elements of this incredible musical alchemy that resulted in a Hall-of-Fame music career spanning four decades.

Earth, Wind & Fire concerts blast cosmic waves of peace, love and other jubilant vibrations to audiences using eye-popping costumes, lights, pyrotechnics and plain old good music. Sometimes they even throw in magic illusions. Earth, Wind & Fire's message is one of universal harmony, in both a musical and cultural sense.