Improv Invitational


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Saturday June 28, 6:00pm

National Arts Centre Fourth Stage



Phil Robson - guitar
Julian Siegel - reeds
Thaddeus Kelly – electric bass
Gene Calderazzo – drums

Since 1996 Partisans have been thrilling audiences with their energetic performances of tightly knit themes and groove-based sound, bridging the gap between New York swing, European improv and UK jam band. Partisans are solid swinging band, honed over their years together, where the combination of each member's influences feeds a genuine creative spark generating huge excitement and energy. They are widely acknowledged as the godfathers of the new wave of British jazz.

In summer 2014 Partisans will release their 5th album, on Whirlwind Recordings. Their 2009 release By Proxy was a testament to their maturity and continuing inventiveness as composers and musicians, with their trademark shot of gritty be-bop and hard bop, early electric Miles, ballads with sustained delicacy, rock riffs mixed with P-Funk grooves and with fresh departures into electronica.

Partisans have worked with American greats, such as Steve Swallow and Wayne Krantz (who wrote ‘Partisans’ and ‘Partisans #1’ for them on 2005 Max and 2009 By Proxy). They have played European and UK festivals including Appleby, Brecon, Coventry, Cheltenham, Manchester, Jyväskylä Finland, Haarlem Holland, London Jazz Festival and Berlin Jazz Festival.