Alex Moxon Quartet

Wednesday August 18 @ 1:00pm at NAC Fourth Stage

OLG Free the Jazz

Alex Moxon - guitar
Steve Boudreau - piano
John Geggie - bass
Michel Delage - drums

As a working musician in the 21st century, guitarist Alex Moxon has been omnivorous. Some of his favourite past musical experiences include opening for Fred Wesley (of James Brown & The JB’s) and Bernie Worrell (of Parliament Funkadelic), performing with the Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces as the feature guitarist in their 2112: Rush Tribute show, and sold-out record releases with The Chocolate Hot Pockets and with HILOTRONS. To date he has recorded ten albums as a principal or collaborative composer and in 2020 he released Alex Moxon Quartet, his first record as a leader. He continues to collaborate with many stylistically far-flung Canadian music mainstays while creating, refining, and releasing his own music.