Anna Webber’s Simple Trio

Friday June 21 @ 6:00pm at NAC Fourth Stage


Anna Webber - tenor sax, flute
Matt Mitchell - piano
John Hollenbeck - drums

“Her detail-rich writing recalls the work of elders as disparate as Tim Berne and Henry Threadgill, and her busy motion evokes a fizzy sort of exhilaration.”- Peter Margasak, The Chicago Reader. Anna Webber is a New York-based flutist, saxophonist, and composer whose interests and work overlap between avant-garde jazz and new classical music. Not only is she an amazing soloist, but also leads the critically acclaimed Simple Trio. The music of the trio highlights what The New York Times called the “range of the group members: fulminous, intense collective improvisation” in songs that feel like living things and lead the audience in different directions on each listen.