Artists-in-Residence – Collaboration 1

Thursday February 7 @ 10:00pm at La Nouvelle Scène Studio B


Marianne Trudel - piano
Kevin Breit - guitar
Michael Blake - saxophone
Tony Malaby - saxophone

The TD Ottawa Winter Jazz Festival has invited three Artists-in-Residence: Marianne Trudel - piano; Kevin Breit - guitar and Michael Blake - saxophone to bring their own bands and perform in different combinations throughout the Festival. They will play with their own bands in their own show and perform with each other in four distinct collaborations featuring their unique creative strengths.

The word collaboration means cooperation among the participants in the act of creation. Sometimes there are leaders, sometimes collaborations are leaderless. Sometimes collaborations are instantaneous music like the ground breaking work of the ICP (Instant Composers Pool) Orchestra and sometimes collaborations are studied and prepared like the celebrated Charlie Parker charts for jazz and strings (which we’ll present at this summer’s Festival). Collaborations are most of all the purest culminations of training, virtuosity, and that ultimate faith in being creatively vulnerable and knowing you will be supported no matter what. This TD Ottawa Winter Jazz Festival’s series of collaborations are, we think, the best examples we can offer of exactly that: creativity, vulnerability, camaraderie, curiosity and the genuine love for musical adventure.

We hope you enjoy the ride!

The first collaboration will feature the three 2019 Artists-in-Residence together, joined by the great Tony Malaby. This will be the first time the three Artists-in-Residence will perform together. The four powerful and unique improvisers will introduce themselves to you, the audience in this ‘let’s dive right in’ show.