Barbra Lica

TD Ottawa Winter Jazz Festival

Thursday February 8 @ 9:00pm, La Nouvelle Scène Studio A $30


Barbra Lica - vocals
Marc Rogers - bass, vocals
Will Fisher - drums
Tom Fleming - guitar
Joel Visentin - keyboards, accordion, vocals

Barbra Lica is a fast-rising star in the Canadian Jazz scene and has been receiving accolades for her unique vocal ability that stresses subtlety and grace. Her live shows have captivated audiences all over North America with her genuine warmth and confident stage presence. Barbra’s third release and her most personal to date is the 2017 JUNO Award nominated I’m Still Learning. Her vocals are exquisite; there are no theatrics in her singing style – just pure charm. Thematically the album is very much about mistakes, regrets and trying to move on. It covers bad breakups, horrible first dates, explosive crushes on emotionally unavailable people and a lot of trying different things to see how they fit. These are songs from the perspective of the 21st Century woman. As a songwriter, she remains resolutely upbeat and optimistic and her ability to deliver a song with clarity and wit shines through.