Birdie Whyte

Friday August 20 @ 6:00pm at Moore Farm - The Barn

Getaway Jazz Experience

Trevor Pool - acoustic guitar, banjo
Dave Bignel - bass
C.A. Jackson - fiddle, mando, banjo
Catriona Sturton - harmonica
Birdie Whyte - banjo, acoustic guitar

Ottawa-valley performer, poet, music educator, and songwriter Birdie Whyte, is a storyteller rooted in the folk tradition and sings with a quintessential country vocal tenor that channels the longful quality of classics like Townes van Zandt and Gillian Welch. Next to horses, songwriting is Birdie's passion and her lovely voice lends an aching depth to the simple country lyrics she lays down. Birdie's songs are witty, insightful and mindfully crafted, drawing the listener in and leaving them with melodic imagery that is vividly colourful, all highlighted by her band The Hidden Connections. She is currently part of Irene’s famous Sunday Night Revue.