Caravan Palace

Concert Under The Stars

Tuesday June 27 @ 8:30pm, TekSavvy Main Stage, Confederation Park


Zoe Colotis - vocals
Hugues Payen - violin
Arnaud Vial - guitar
Charles Delaporte - synthesizer
Antoine Toustou - trombone
Camille Chapeliere - clarinet
Paul-Marie Barbier - percussion

Based in Paris, Caravan Palace calls its music electro swing, which reflects the fact that its musical influences run the gamut from Django Reinhardt to Daft Punk. Originally a trio, the band has expanded to a septet and grown its audience organically, attracting fans online and through several demo downloads and promotional singles. From 2006-07, the band honed its live show by touring throughout France, culminating in a performance at the Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival. Caravan Palace released its self-titled debut album in 2008, and expanded its fan base to Switzerland and Belgium. Since then, the band has released two subsequent full-length albums and extended its reach to the UK with appearances on British TV and live performances