Christine Jensen – Remergence Tentet

Friday February 4 @ 7:30pm Livestream

Christine Jensen - Soprano/alto saxophone
Claire Devlin - tenor
Alex Francoeur - bari
Lex French - trumpet 1
Bill Mahar - trumpet 2
Dave Grott - trombone
Steve Amirault - piano
Adrian Vedady - bass
Jim Doxas - drums
Steve Raegele - guitar

Some of Montreal’s most creative jazz musicians are getting ready to converge in an expanded
small group that feels like a stripped-down big band experience. These pandemic days have made for fleeting times to have more than a handful of musicians congregate in the tangible act of intimate improvisation at a high level. In forming the Remergence Tentet, Jensen aims to seek balance, intertwining her themes with in-the-moment improvisations. Jensen has assembled her core ensemble of improvisers with co-led CODE Quartet, featuring Lex French, Adrian Vedady, and Jim Doxas. They will be augmented by kindred spirits, including Claire Devlin, Steve Amirault, Steve Raegele, Bill Mahar, Dave Grott, and Alex Francoeur. A mix of trust and kindness creates the most soulful sounds amongst these musicians.