Clarice Jensen ‘For this from that will be filled’

Thursday January 30 @ 10:15pm at Club SAW


Clarice Jensen - cello, effects pedals, multi-tracking, and tape loops

Amalgamating science and music, Clarice Jensen contorts the familiar sound of solo cello using pedal effects, multi-tracking, and thoughtful tape loops. Jensen has appeared on a NPR tiny desk video and her debut album was featured as an NPR First Listen. “The music, at once spacious and intimate, constantly offers something new as a reflection of the listener's current mood.”- Along with these compositions her visually striking performance removes surroundings and transports viewers into another dimension.

For this from that will be filled, a collaboration between Ms. Jensen and the artist Jonathan Turner, explores the variable differences between acoustic and electronic sound and simulated and unconscious depiction. Through repetition and layering a non-codified and obscured emotional response is solicited.

This music accompanies visual projections by Turner that connote a structure of unknown scale or place, and conjure the simulated presence of the viewer/listener within this interior, suggesting an experience inside an environment of which the texture and design draw from domestic and commercialized aesthetics, overbearing in their glossy blandness. Populating this lonely interior are a several distorted and deforming feminine figures that, along with Jensen’s presence as performer, serve as sirens in the void.