Penaduco + 1

Friday August 20 @ 1:00pm at NAC Fourth Stage

OLG Free the Jazz

Clayton Connell - piano
Stephen Adubofuor - drumset
Ben Di Millo - electric guitar
Caylan Penny - bass guitar

Penaduco + 1 is a quartet of musicians based in the Ottawa area. Forming in late 2016, the members of this versatile quartet banded together to explore their potential as musicians and creatives, fusing the sounds of their musical preferences, Jazz, Hip hop, Fusion, Soul, Gospel etc, to produce a sound that they hope resonates with music lovers globally. This quartet features Clayton Connell, Stephen Adubofuor, Caylan Penny and Ben Di Millo, some of Ottawa’s finest musicians. This group of young musicians hopes to inspire generations, and share the sound that resonates deep within their hearts.