Colin Stetson

Saturday February 1 @ 6:30pm at Ottawa Art Gallery - Alma Duncan Salon


Colin Stetson - saxophone

“The “thump” and “click” of percussion coming from the keypads slapping the body of his horn are so tactile it feels like he is drumming his fingers directly on the grooves of your brain.”

Fearless and inventive, Colin Stetson has reshaped people’s ideas of what a bass saxophone can sound like, and how it can be played. Stetson utilizes every aspect of his instrument including singing while playing the saxophone. His circular breathing technique allows him to continuously play without pausing for a whole set, blending his vocals and throat percussion melodies, he is a one-man orchestra. A true authentic artist, Colin has collaborated with everyone from Tom Waits to Arcade Fire and composed Netflix original soundtracks.

To experience Stetson’s sound beforehand, check out his show with fellow innovate Mats Gustafsson on Friday January 31st, 2020. Colin Stetson & Mats Gustafsson