Davina and The Vagabonds

Monday June 26 @ 7:30pm, Tartan Homes Stage, Marion Dewar Plaza


Davina Sowers - vocals/piano/ukulele
Zack Lozier - trumpet/vocals
Steve Rogness - trombone/vocals
Connor McRae - drums/vocals
Matt Blake - upright bass

Minnesota’s Twin Cities may be best known for the guitar-centric funk of Prince, but Davina & the Vagabonds are a horn-based unit that brings the sound of New Orleans north on Highway 61 and deposits on the Midwest plains. Led by saucy vocalist Davina Sowers, the band has released a trio of albums filled with Crescent City-inflected blues, jazz, R&B and gospel. Sowers and others have described the group’s sound as undefinable, and while audiences can identify references to singers as diverse as Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse, Sowers is definitely her own singer—perhaps the most expressively vampy blues singer since the early years of Maria Mauldar’s career. While the band continues to be based in Minnesota, it is constantly on the road, landing in Ottawa after swinging through the UK and Europe.