Don Ross Louder Than Usual

Sunday June 24 @ 7:00pm at First Baptist Church



Don Ross - guitar
Jordan O’Connor- bassist
Andrew Craig - keyboardist and vocalist
Marito Marques - percussionist

Don has performed the lion’s share of his concerts over a 30-year touring career as a solo performer, but 2018 sees him working collaboratively with a quartet that represents a new chapter in his career. The new project is Don Ross Louder Than Usual. Don plans to continue with this format for exciting collaborations with other players from around the world, putting together different bands for different areas. So, there’s no telling who Don might show up with at any given gig! For the Ottawa Jazz Festival, Don plans to be collaborating with Ottawa-born bassist Jordan O’Connor, the great keyboardist and vocalist Andrew Craig, and stellar Portuguese percussionist Marito Marques.