Roddy Ellias / Marc Copland / Adrian Vedady

Discovery Series

Sunday June 25 @ 8pm, La Nouvelle Scène Studio A


Roddy Ellias - guitar
Marc Copland - piano
Adrian Vedady - bass

Although he has the chops of any guitarist you can name, Roddy Ellias is as far from the stereotypical guitar ace as possible. Despite his virtuosity, he is the ultimate team player, always looking for how to build the best overall sound and encourage a positive group dynamic. Nowhere is that truer than when he joins with New York-based pianist Marc Copland and Montreal bassist Adrian Vedady for their occasional, but always anticipated, performances. Ellias—a fixture on the Ottawa music scene for 40 years—credits their simpatico connection to the fact that he has always approached the guitar as a pianist, while Copland has a long history of working successfully with guitarists from Ralph Towner to John Abercrombie. A frequent collaborator and former student of Ellias, Vedady has worked with virtually every major player on Montreal’s jazz scene, and always adds depth and feeling.