Elliott/Boudreau Quartet

Friday February 4 Livestream

Garry Elliott- guitar
Steve Boudreau - piano
Adrian Vedady - bass
Camil Bélisle - drums

Ottawa guitarist Garry Elliott and pianist Steve Boudreau have enjoyed a very fruitful music relationship for over 15 years. They have performed as a duo in many venues throughout Ottawa. In 2013 they recorded a CD entitled Pre-Dawn Skies which consists of their original compositions. In 2016, they joined forces with two critically acclaimed Montreal musicians: drummer Camil Bélisle (member of Lorraine Desmarais Trio for over 30 years) and the highly sought out bassist Adrian Vedady (quickly becoming regarded as one of Canada’s premier bassists). The quartet has been performing regularly at GigSpace and at the Ottawa Jazz Festival with more to come this season. Their latest CD, entitled Opus 2 focuses again on original pieces by Garry and Steve.

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