Esmerine + Nive and the Deer Children

OLG Play North Series presented by Air North

Saturday June 23 @ 6:00pm, National Arts Centre


Featuring - Esmerine

Rebecca Foon : Cello
Bruce Cawdron : Marimba, Glockenspiel
Brian Sanderson : Violin, Pochette, Guitar, Baglama
Jamie Thompson : Drums, Percussion
Phil Charbonneau : Contrabass, Tenor Guitar

Featuring - Nive and the Deer Children:

Nive Nielsen - vocals, guitar
Jan De Vroede - guitar, synth, organ, percussion
Charles Shapiro - guitar, banjo, musical saw, backing vocals
Peter Dombernowsky - drums
Jeppe Skovbakke - bass
Joel Novelli - slide, trumpet, synth

Joining forces Esmerine + Nive and the Deer Children story-tell a collaborative masterpiece of Inuit Indie pop and lyrical instrumental landscape brought forth from classical/experimental music and punk/new wave.

Juno award-winning quintet Esmerine was co-founded by percussionist Bruce Cawdron (Godpseed You! Black Emperor) and cellist Rebecca Foon (Thee Silver Mt. Zion, Saltland) in 2001 and have released six critically-acclaimed albums of minimalist, expressive modern chamber music - with one foot in the contemporary classical music/experimental terrain of the late 20th century and the other in a more visceral and lyrical instrumental landscape brought forth from punk and new wave.

Greenlandic indie pop singer Nive Nielsen plays a little red ukulele in a band called the Deer Children with her best friend, multi-instrumentalist Cowboy Jan. Nive writes songs about love and reindeer and kicking life in the nuts. She won an IMA independent music award in the US, got the much coveted Danish Crown Prince’s Couple’s Stardust Award, was nominated for the Scandinavian Grammies, worked with Tchad Blake, Howe Gelb & John Parish and friends from such indie royalty outfits as The Black Keys and Wolf Parade.

A Genre of itself, the two impressive line-ups make for an unforgettable must-see performance!

Website: Esmerine
Website: Nive and the Deer Children