Nick Fraser / Kris Davis / Tony Malaby

Discovery Series

Thursday June 22 @ 8pm, La Nouvelle Scène Studio A


Nick Fraser - drums/compositions
Tony Malaby - tenor and soprano saxophones
Kris Davis - piano

Ottawa native Nick Fraser may have accompanied more headline musicians than any drummer alive, thanks to his years of participation as the house drummer for the TD Ottawa International Jazz Festival’s late-night jams. That role illustrates the range of his talent—able to hold the pocket for mainstream jazz players or exchange improvised musical ideas with the wildest of free players. Fraser can do it all, which is why he has steadily built a career as a go-to drummer since moving to Toronto in 1995. In addition to working with artists that include Mike Murley, Phil Dwyer, Rich Underhill, Michael Snow and David Occhipinti, he has been an important catalyst of new music in Toronto. He is a co-founder of The Association of Improvising Musicians of Toronto, a non-profit co-operative, co-leader of the group Drumheller, and a member of Ugly Beauties (with Marilyn Lerner and Matt Brubeck) and the Lina Allemano Four. His own work includes four albums, under his own name and with fellow former Ottawan Justin Haynes.