Funk Yo Self

Saturday August 21 @ 7:00pm at LIVE! on Elgin

OLG Free the Jazz

Reservations Required
Please contact Jon Evenchick ( to reserve a table (7 tables, 5 persons per table)

Tariq Amery - flute, alto saxophone
Mathieu Gauthier - guitar, effects
Jean-Emil Ventrillon - bass
Frantz Celestin Jr. - drums

A funk megalodon of psychedelic proportions: Funk Yo Self brings life to the party and souls to the dance floor. Their high energy improvised live performances are here to give the people what they need. Much more than a good time, Funk Yo Self holds a space for all to come shake the weight of the system right off. Influenced by James Brown, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis, Funk Yo Self compounds sounds and feelings; fresh yet ancient, ephemeral and eternal to deliver a hit of funkified truth straight to your front door.