Saturday July 1 @ 6pm at TekSavvy Main Stage, Confederation Park


Sabrina Halde - vocals / ukelele
Jean-Vivier Lévesque - keys
Jonathan Charette - drum
Simon Gosselin - bass
Mariane Bertrand - cello
Ariane Gruet-Pelchat - violin

Montreal-based orchestral indie pop sensation Groenland combine soulful singing and lush string arrangements, with a daring mix of electro and organic instrumentation. Groenland's unique musical universe becomes a lively, sing-along-filled celebration on stage. While their debut album The Chase depicted people and anecdotes with lightness, their sophomore album A Wider Space is more personal and realistic. The latter bears witness to the darker sides of adventure - the other side of touring. It is a manifesto about what follows the euphoria felt at the beginning of an adventure, the band explains. Having worked on the group’s inner-harmony, Groenland will share their musical prowess at this year’s Festival.