Friday June 23 @ 6:30pm at TekSavvy Main Stage, Confederation Park


Gina Burgess - violin
Nick Wilkinson - rhythm guitar
Alec Frith - guitar/percussion
Ross Burns - guitar/percussion
Matt Myer - trumpet/keys
Adam Fine - double bass

The Halifax septet is one of the leading purveyors of the string-driven music of gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt. Featuring guitarists Ross Burns, Alec Frith and Nick Wilkinson, along with violinist Gina Burgess and bassist Adam Fine, the band has more than enough firepower to recreate the intricate melodies of Reinhardt and his gypsy compatriots. Trumpeter Matt Myer broaden the band’s scope, allowing it to stretch into areas that reference tango, klezmer, hard bop and even funk. It’s a heady mix, and the band has continued to explore new areas on its four albums. The winner of multiple East Coast Music Awards, Gypsophilia is a popular live attraction, known for its high-energy shows that are spiced with instrumental virtuosity and humour.