Hayden Chisholm – D.K. Heroes

Saturday June 27 @ 5:00pm at Live Stream


Zelko "Paganini" Stefanović - Violin

Vania Stojkov - Guitar

Miroslav Mitrović- Keyboards

Hayden Chisholm - Saxophone

It’s one of the great ironies of the lockdown: As we’ve been isolated in our homes, technology has brought more of the world to us than at any previous time. The Dorćol Kafana Heroes are a collective of Roma musicians hailing from a Belgrade suburb that’s a traditional cross-cultural melting pot for Serbs, Jews, Hungarians, and, most recently, New Zealanders. Fronted by New Zealand saxophonist Hayden Chisholm, the band consists of the city’s best wedding and kafana (or Ottoman coffeehouse) musicians who play the music of a local violin legend. For Tenacity, the Heroes will perform an exclusive set from one of their home theaters in Dorćol-Kosmodrom, one of the last remaining free theaters fighting to survive among the new investment development in the region.

Edited by Hayden Chisholm

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