Hayden Chisholm Trio

Thursday June 27 @ 6:00pm


Hayden Chisolm - saxophone
Jochen Rueckert - drums
Matt Penman - bass

Hayden Chisolm Trio was formed around the unique saxophone of New Zealander Hayden Chisholm. The trio have been performing together for well over 20 years. Famously they formed the core of the group Root70 but they have also toured and recorded in several other formations. Chisholm and Penman began playing as teenagers in New Zealand and their level of musical telepathy is more than apparent in this, one of the purest of jazz formations- the Saxophone Trio. Chisholm uses the Indian Sruti Box and his voice to augment his fiercely individual saxophone sound and compositions while Rückert and Penman, both band leaders in their own right and strong voices in the New York downtown scene, provide a subtle and deeply grooving foundation for the band's flights.

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