Helena Deland

OLG on Canada Day

Monday July 1 @ 4:00pm, OLG Stage - Confederation Park FREE

All shows are free on Canada Day!


Helena Deland - vocals, guitars
Alexandre Larin - guitars
Francis Ledoux - drums
Cédric Martel - bass

There’s no discernible pattern to Helena Deland’s latest release. On the third and fourth volumes from the series of songs Altogether Unaccompanied, the Montreal-based artist has amassed a collection of memories in song form, more like a box of old photos or unsent letters than a traditional EP.

The tracks range from tender folk, to synth-infused pop, to 80s-inspired alternative. Deland describes these changing tonalities as the “atmosphere” of each song, and its fit. ‘Two Queries’ is a thick, warm fog in its haunting harmony and stripped-down guitar. ‘Claudion’, a colourful dance track that feels like a summer day.

Her songs are memories; beacons of particular moments in time that extend to encompass a deeply relatable sense of melancholy.