Sunday July 2 @ 7:30 pm, Tartan Homes Stage, Marion Dewar Plaza


Michael Dubue - vocals/synths
Alex Moxon - guitar
Philippe Charbonneau - bass/vocals
Pascal Delaquis - drums
Philip Shaw Bova - drums/percussion

HILOTRONS are a band, like any other band, except not as good as the Jesus Lizard. They've been around since 2001 and have 8 records, which is more than Broken Social Scene. They sorta sound like Devo meets Ennio Morricone meets XTC meets Serge Gainsbourg meets John Carpenter... which is not very cool by most standards. But that's ok. The members of HILOTRONS play in tons of other bands (that are arguably better) such as Little Scream, Scattered Clouds and Chocolate Hot Pockets. If they had the choice, they would love to play in bigger bands that make a lot of money. Bands such as Coldplay, U2 or AC/DC.