Hiromi Duet: Featuring Edmar Castañeda

Jazz Warriors Series

Tuesday June 27 @ 7pm, National Arts Centre Studio


Hiromi - piano
Edmar Castañeda - harp

What an astonishing idea: couple the sensational, genre-defying Japanese pianist Hiromi with the spellbinding Colombian harpist Edmar Casteñada, who proves that his traditional Andean folk instrument is as unlimited as his musical imagination. Both these people are charmers: Since her 2003 debut recording Another Mind, Hiromi has dazzled listeners with her explosive keyboard technique and performance style. She is classically trained, but clearly loves the spontaneous and unbound aspects of jazz. Casteñada, whose father was a famed harpist, hails from Bogota. He immigrated to New York City in 1994, quickly attracting attention. In his hands the harp’s strings ring forcefully, adding unusual counterpoint to jazz’s encounters with all the world's possibilities. What do Hiromi and Casteñada sound like in collaboration? Only a few audiences know—this is their first tour together. Bet on their music being fresh and lively. .