HUDSON: Jack DeJohnette, Larry Grenadier, John Medeski, John Scofield

Jazz Warriors Series

Saturday June 24 @ 9pm, National Arts Centre Theatre


Jack DeJohnette - drums
Larry Grenadier - bass
John Medeski - keyboard
John Scofield - guitar

Drummer Jack DeJohnette, guitarist John Scofield, bassist Larry Grenadier and keyboardist John Medeski all live in the Hudson River Valley, which stretches south from the New York state capital of Albany to the tip of Manhattan. The region’s towns are nestled amid the forests of the Catskill Mountains, with artists in residence because New York City is near, by train or car. Proximity may make it easy for these four to rehearse—but if so, look out!—because DeJohnette, in his prime at 75, lays fierce rhythms down. Scofield revels in melodic tension and bluesy release. Medeski, even without his longstanding trio partners Billy Martin and Chris Wood, is impassioned on electric organ, piano and synths. This all sets Grenadier at the centre of a maelstrom he anchors with aplomb. As Hudson, the four are jazz-rock-fusion experts, eager and able to create instrumental music with a thrilling edge.