Igor Butman and The Moscow Jazz Orchestra

Sunday June 25 @ 10:30pm at Tartan Homes Stage, Marion Dewar Plaza


Igor Butman - bandleader/ soprano/alto/tenor saxophone
Ilya Morozov - lead alto saxophone/flute
Pavel Zhulin - lead trumpet
Oleg Borodin - lead trombone
Azat Bayazitov - tenor/soprano saxophone
Oleg Akkuratov - piano
Aleksandr Dovgopolyi - baritone saxophone/flute
Pavel Ovchinnikov - trombone
Denis Popov - trumpet
Hayk Grigoryan- trumpet/flugelhorn
Sergei Dolzhenkov - trombone
Nikolay Shevnin - bass trombone
Victor Herauker - alto saxophone/flute
Eduard Zizak - drums
Sergei Korchagin - bass

The history of jazz in Russia and the former Soviet Union has been up and down, often in response to shifts in international politics, but in recent decades the music and musicians there have flourished. Saxophonist Igor Butman came to the U.S. to study in 1987, but upon returning to his homeland earned a cultural position as a composer, bandleader, improviser, festival producer and club operator comparable to Wynton Marsalis’s. Not surprisingly, Marsalis and Butman are mutual admirers, and Butman’s 20-piece Moscow Jazz Orchestra has even had occasion to concertizes with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, for instance at the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival last July! For this return engagement, Butman and the MJO have the stage all to themselves, providing an opportunity to savor longer jazz winds, brass and rhythms from the East.