iskwē & Tom Wilson

Friday February 4 Livestream

iskwē - vocals
Tom Wilson - guitar + vocals
Jesse O’Brien - piano

iskwē | ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ (short for waseskwan iskwew, meaning “blue sky woman”) is, among many other things, an artist – a creator and communicator of music and of movement, of pictures, poetry and prose. And through it all, she’s a teller of stories that have impacted our past and will inform our future. Tom Wilson is a Canadian music legend, famed storyteller and visual artist. Wilson’s memoir, Beautiful Scars published by Penguin/Random House has become a national bestseller. In his memoir, Wilson reveals the impact of discovering his indigenous heritage. Musically, Wilson is best known for his work with Blackie & The Rodeo Kings and Lee Harvey Osmond, the latter receiving a 2020 Juno Award for the album "Mohawk". Their collaboration began at the Indspire Awards in Ottawa when they performed their new single “Blue Moon Drive”. “We had never sung together, so until we actually stepped up to the microphone and started to sing we didn't know that we had a little bit of magic going on between us;" shares Tom Wilson. "We are able to now share that magic with you." iskwē adds; "It is a beautiful song, and it was a nice way to find our footing with US. The song was written a while ago, and it had its home, and now it has a new home, and it feels very much like a new energy has been infused into it. This is just the beginning!"

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