JERUSA LEÃO – SARAVAH!’S SHOW – A celebration of Samba de Roda from Bahia, Brazil

Club Series

Thursday June 21 @ 10:30pm, Mercury Lounge $15



Jerusa Leão - Main Vocal and Guitar, Brazil
Chris Platt - Classic Guitar, Canada
Hélio Cunha - Drums / Percussion, Brazil

Jerusa Leão is a Brazilian artist, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Bahia, Jerusa grew up around the semiarid cities of this province, beginning her artistic career in 1995. Over the course of a decade she has cultivated several impressive musical projects that span two different continents. She also developed some great musical projects that showcased Brazilian music and culture while in Canada. One such project is the half-Canadian, half-Brazilian band Maria Bonita Band and The Band, Jerusa held the position of the artistic director, singer and instrumentalist of the band. During this time she also co-founded the musical group Maracatu Mar Aberto which is based in the city of Toronto, Jerusa acted as the singer and percussionist of the group. She has been participating in cultural events and festivals throughout Brazil, USA and also in Toulouse, France, where she has been dedicating herself to another great Forró project named as Trio Alavantu, getting involved with the Forró community in Europe, giving her artistic contribution and collaboration to the local scene.

Saravah! - A trip to the world of Samba de Roda from Bahia.

Samba de Roda, which involves music, dance and poetry, is a popular festive event that took place in the State of Bahia, in the region of the Recôncavo and Sertão in the 17th century. The dance is performed on several occasions, such as popular Catholic festivities or Afro-Brazilian religious ceremonies, but also performed in more spontaneous contexts.

Jerusa Leão is proposed to present the show SARAVAH!, featuring the Capoeira Angola of Toronto group in a workshop-show of Samba de roda from Sertao and Recôncavo of Bahia. Saravah! will count with a vast repertoire of classics samba de roda and public domain songs and dance. This show has the intention to promote the Samba de roda movement in Canada in a small tour that will take place in three different cities: Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, between june and august of 2018.


$15 adv/ $20 doors - BUY NOW