Jibber Jazz Jam-Along

@ 4pm, Confederation Park Fountain - FREE

At heart, jazz isn’t about the elite or the ivory tower. It’s about community; the community of musicians in a given city, the communication that goes on between people when they pick up instruments and play together. The Jibber Jazz Jam-Along is an open jam taking place from 4–5pm on selected days at the Festival by the Fountain at Confederation Park (June 23, 26, 27, 29, July 2). Players of any skill level (and any age!) are invited to bring their instruments and join a trio of professional musicians to go wherever the music takes them; some days local singers and poets will even sit in for a session!

Whether you play harmonica or uke or tambourine, there’s a place for you at the Jibber Jazz Jam, and even a chance to introduce your children to the amazing community that comes from learning to talk, through music, to perfect strangers.


June 23: Mike Essoudry (drums), Keith Walton (tuba), Adam Saikaley (piano)
June 26: Mike Essoudry (drums), Keith Walton (tuba), Steve Berndt (trombone/vocals)
June 27: Mike Essoudry (drums), Keith Walton (tuba), Adam Saikaley (piano)
June 29: Mike Essoudry (drums), Keith Walton (tuba), Steve Berndt (trombone, vocals)
July 2: Mike Essoudry (drums), Keith Walton (tuba), Alex Tompinks (guitar)

The Jibber Jazz Jam-Along is part of the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival’s ongoing goal of opening jazz music to the city we love; from our focus on young people, including the JazzEd program, Youth Jazz Summit and our affordable Youth Passes; our free series at the Tartan Homes Stage; and Late Night Jam Sessions at the Lord Elgin Hotel, we’re doing our part to keep the music thriving in our community.