Jim Bryson

Jim Bryson - vocals and guitar
Peter Von Althen - drums
Philippe Charboneau - bass
Jake Bryce - guitar
Phil Bova - congas and percussion

Jim Bryson identifies himself as a song, singer and record maker, living right on the western edge of the city we call Ottawa. He describes his music as Townie Folk, because it blends stories and sounds of his past, present, and even some glimpses into his future - right there in the songs. The record maker has made lots of well-regarded recordings. As a devoted family man, he tours when he can and loves playing festivals. He occasionally gets nominated for music awards and things, “but not often”.

In recent years, he has added focus to production and making recordings for all kinds of folks. When asked how he copes with the creative process during these challenging times, he advises, “don't be concerned with the results... ‘you need to make garbage to find the gold’ is my motto of sorts... just keep on and enjoy it.. pressure doesn't usually make for great art.... except when it does.”