Joel Miller with Sienna Dahlen: Dream Cassette

Great Canadian Jazz

Monday June 26 @ 6:30pm, TekSavvy Main Stage, Confederation Park


Joel Miller - saxophone/piano
Sienna Dahlen - voice
Simon Pagé - bass
Francois Jalbert - guitar
Kevin Warren - drums
Jean-Sebastien - trombone

Artists can find inspiration in any number of sources, positive and negative. For Montreal-based saxophonist Joel Miller, it was the tragic death of his 14-year-old nephew, Isaac, that prompted him to want to create a tribute to the freedom and obsession of skateboarding. Working with vocalist Sienna Dahlen, a fellow faculty member at McGill University, Miller used the pop music of the 1980s as a cultural touchpoint to his own years of skateboarding in his native New Brunswick. Mixing rock beats with contemporary improvisation, the music of Dream Cassette is a powerful meditation on the promise and boundary-free possibility of youth—as Miller terms it, “kind of a search for wholeness.” Born in Nelson, B.C., Dahlen is a multi-instrumentalist as well as a vocalist who has released six albums of folk-inflected jazz. In 2014, Dahlen won a JUNO Award along with one-time Ottawa guitarist Mike Rud for their album Notes on Montreal.