Kenny Rogers’ Final World Tour: The Gambler’s Last Deal with Special Guest Linda Davis

Concert Under The Stars

Saturday June 24 @ 8:30pm, TekSavvy Main Stage, Confederation Park


When Kenny Rogers retires at the end of his current tour he will have sold more than 100 million records, is a member of the Country Hall of Fame and has more number one hits than any other country artists, quite a legacy. In the late ‘50s he joined the Bobby Doyle Three, which recorded for Columbia Records until the mid-‘60s. From there, of course, Rogers went on to rise steadily through popular music—with the New Christy Minstrels, The First Edition and then a solo career that yielded no fewer than 60 Top-40 singles. Most artists would be happy to score one or two hits the magnitude of “Islands in the Stream” or “The Gambler;” Rogers has dozens of them. Even when his hit-making cooled down, Rogers continued to roll from success to success—as a recording studio owner, producer, businessman and actor. His autobiography revealed a self-deprecating side that few who attain his success possess, and his farewell tour, The Gambler’s Last Deal, has shown that he has lost none of his ability to charm audiences with both the depth of his song catalogue and his onstage charisma.