Kimmo Pohjonen + Mary Margaret O’Hara

Friday June 22 @ 7:00pm at First Baptist Church


As part of the Play North series, Kimmo Pohjonen will be collaborating with Mary Margaret O’Hara. Both artists are virtuosic improvisers in their own right with a unique approach to music. This collaboration is a once in a lifetime concert.

Kimmo Pohjonen
Since 1996, after many projects in folk, rock, dance, theatre and avant-garde music projects, the Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen has concentrated on his solo 5-row accordion project, featuring extreme and original compositions, custom-made MIDI-fied electric accordion, live loops and effects, dynamic and animated stage performance. His performances and his music have been called revolutionary, astounding audiences and critics alike with their uncompromising intensity and originality. Solo concerts have been performed all over Europe, North and South America, Israel, Japan, China and Russia to unanimous rave reviews.

Mary Margaret O’Hara
Mary Margaret O’Hara is a singer with unparalleled character. Her unique voice, combined with flexible vocal techniques and an uncanny sense of improvisation.

Mary Margaret’s debut album Miss America became an instant cult classic with its uncompromising clarity and vision. She has collaborated with the likes of R.E.M, Tom Waits, Neko Case and Peggy Lee. It is no surprise she has been called a national treasure as she continues to convert audiences.

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