OLG After Dark Series

Monday June 25 @ 10:30pm, Tartan Homes Stage, Lisgar Field



Genevieve Artadi- Vocals
Louis Cole- Drums
Rai Thistlethwayte- Keys
Jacob Mann- Keys
Sam Wilkes- Bass

KNOWER is a searing hot music group from Los Angeles spearheading a new musical movement. The LA duo represents the best of drummer-producer Louis Cole and singer Genevieve Artadi. Currently touring their fourth album 'Life' [2016], they opened for The Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2017 and continue to take over with their hard-hitting funk, cool chords, deep melodies and funky vocals into an incredibly imaginative off-world experience. Their all-star 5-piece band rotates members. The current lineup includes Thundercat’s sideman Dennis Hamm (Keys), Sam Wilkes (Bass), Rai Thistlethwayte (Keys), Jacob Mann (Keys), Sam Gendel (Sax), and Thom Gill (Guitar). Combined with Louis Cole (Drums/Vox) and Genevieve Artadi’s iconic hot funk vocal style, KNOWER has a reputation for never holding back and they never settle. An entirely DIY act since 2010, KNOWER’s viral videos, discography and live visual experience has become an international internet phenomenon. Clocking millions of views, their live "band house sesh" hit over 3.5 million views in a week. Known for their live shows, they take their infectious energy to another level. The legendary Quincy Jones sums it up best, "KNOWER WILL BE LEAVIN' YA'LL ON YOUR KNEES, BEGGIN' FOR MORE."