Mari Boine

Play North Series

Thursday June 28 @ 7:00pm, First Baptist Church



Mari Boine- Vocals
Aleksander Kostopoulus- Drums
Benjamin Mork- Keyboards

Imagine the ice and snow of the Arctic landscape, the bitter cold of the Northern wind, the hint of compelling blue under a crystallized lake. Close your eyes. Then listen. Really listen. You’ll feel a voice before you even hear it. It’s like none other. It’s a voice that brings the landscape alive with a mesmerizing purity; a voice that represents a thousand years of ancestral connection to an unyielding frozen space. This is Mari Boine.

Musician. Songwriter. Singer. A genre-bending trailblazer with a taste for jazz, folk, rock and world. An artist whose music is inspired by and infused with her Sámi roots. A woman who knows who she is, where she’s come from and what she stands for. A music icon who has inspired indigenous artists the world over, Mari Boine has been a dedicated artist for the Sámi people of Norway for many years.