Michel’s Music to do the Dishes to

Friday August 20 @ 8:30pm at Irene's Pub

OLG Free the Jazz

Reservations Required
Please contact Aislinn Calvert (events@irenespub.ca) to reserve a table (14 tables, 2, 3, 4 persons per table).

Michel Delage - drums
Steve Boudreau - keys
Deniz Lim-Sersan - keys

"Michel’s Music To Do The Dishes To is, in honesty, a misnomer. Primarily because Michel Delage - the mind behind the loose and wandering vision of the project - cannot do the dishes while making music. In fact, he and pianist Steve Boudreau can’t even meander through the works the way the works presented do.

Furthermore, this show being in a public house rather than a private one suggests the audience will also not be able to do the dishes while listening. But you could imagine doing them perhaps. Or better, imagine taking a break from those tedious but oddly liberating dishes, idly drying your hands as you peer out the window to see who it is your neighbors are talking to.

Maybe it has nothing to do with doing the dishes. Maybe it has everything to do with it. Michel isn’t sure, and neither am I.

-The Writer of this Bio"