Naked Wolf

Discovery Series

Sunday June 25 @ 6pm, La Nouvelle Scène Studio A


Felicity Provan - vocals/cornet
Yedo Gibson - reeds
Mikael Szafirowski- electric guitar/vocals
Luc Ex - acoustic bass
Gerri Jäger - drums

As the leader of the Dutch avant-punk band The Ex, bassist Luc Ex was responsible for breaking down barriers between improvisers and noise rockers, sonic experimenters and agitprop hardcore musicians. While he hasn’t abandoned the noisy mayhem that often exemplified The Ex, Naked Wolf is just as likely to launch into a funky dance groove as it is to unleash a wall of feedback. The four musicians who join Ex—Felicity Provan, Yedo Gibson, Mikael Szafirowski and Gerri Jäger—come from countries as diverse as Finland, Brazil and Australia, but what unites them is their motto: “Feel free to dance.” The dancing may take the form of lead-footed stomping or ethereal twirling, but from the stormiest free improv to the lightest strains of synth and vocals it’s all intended to stir audiences to express themselves. Above all, this is a composers’ band, with all six members contributing to the music, interspersing through-composed pieces with group improvisation.