Nomadic Massive

OLG After Dark Series

Wednesday June 28 @ 10:30 PM, Tartan Homes Stage, Marion Dewar Plaza


Lou Piensa - vocals
Tali - vocals
Meryem Saci - vocals
Waahli - vocals
Butta Beats - drums
Ali Sepu - guitar
Diegal Leger - bass
Jean Michel Frederic - keys
Vincent Stephen-Ong - saxophone

Established in Montreal, Nomadic Massive has firmly established itself as one of Canada’s premier group of performers and skilled musicians. Known for their electric, and crowd moving shows, this multilingual and multicultural super group has left their mark both on stage and on the world stage. Nomadic Massive has initiated international sociocultural exchanges with other countries. First in Havanna, Cuba (2004, 2006) and later in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the group’s initiatives involved educational and musical workshops, concerts and studio collaborations. Since the group’s first release, the critically acclaimed EP Nomads Land (2004), Nomadic Massive has continued to explore new ways to interpret hip hop, a musical style that has traditionally been marginalized. Their latest album THE BIG BANG THEORY is being released on June 2016 and is sure to continue the energetic and socially conscious message the group promotes.