Nubya Garcia

Friday June 28 @ 6:00pm, National Arts Centre


Coming soon

“Garcia is keen to ensure jazz has a more equal future…..It’s why she wants to bring her music to the masses, so that young musicians can see that it’s possible .”- The Guardian. London-based saxophonist and composer, Nubya Garcia, is one of the leading forces behind the resurgence of jazz-influenced sounds in the UK. When it comes to her music she has a clear vision of what she wants and is meticulous in her pursuit of her sound. She has tapped into well-seasoned, harmonious relationships with players that know and understand her – and this joyful union radiates through her compositions. This is evident in her debut recording, 5ive project. Garcia has had an electric start to 2019, and will be continuing it by performing at numerous venues including the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival!