Ottawa Rhythm Initiative

Friday June 22 @ 7:30pm at OLG Ontario Stage




Dancers: Carmelle Cachero, Carolyn Hébert, Lisa Kilner, David Lafleur, Annie Micucci, Carole Anne Piccinin, Pamela Poulin, Jordan Samonas, Hannah Savoie, Gabriel Wolinsky. (Special guest artists to be announced.)

Musicians: The François Gravel Trio

Tap dance is sound and movement that tells a story…of time, place…and feeling! The Ottawa Rhythm Initiative (ORI) Ensemble is thrilled to showcase dynamic new works from leading Canadian tap choreographers and repertoire from world Tap Masters. An exciting romp through some memorable tunes, each piece showcases rhythms of our past and present. The ORI Ensemble and special guests are accomplished performers who bring a range of dance, music and theatre experiences to the stage. The ORI keeps it fresh while showcasing the best of this time-honoured dance form. Come and have some fun with the ORI!