QUARTETSKI John Cage’s Four6

Saturday February 1 @ 9:00pm at ODD BOX


Pierre-Yves Martel — viola da gamba, synthesizer
Isaiah Ceccarelli — drums
Bernard Falaise — electric guitar
Philippe Lauzier —bass clarinet, soprano saxophone

Quartetski’s raison d'être strives to reinterpret well-known classical works of the 20th century by recomposing and transforming music into their own. The ensemble’s eclectic instrumentation makes for a new approach to chamber music and melding styles to achieve captivating performances. Listeners will find these experimental re-workings enthralling to the ears. After dedicating programs to composers like Erik Satie, Modest Mussorgsky and Tobias Hume, and recording the works of Igor Stravinsky, Béla Bartók and Sergei Prokofiev, Quartetski’s current project focuses on composer John Cage’s Four6.