Rakestar Arkestra

Jazz at Noon

Sunday July 23 @ 1pm, Tartan Homes Stage, Marion Dewar Plaza - FREE


David Broscoe - baritone/alto saxophone
Don Cummings - Hammond organ
Mike Essoudry - drums/clarinet
Rob Frayne - tenor saxophone/ keys
Megan Jerome - Accordion/vocals
Rory Magill - xylophone/ percussion
John Sobol - tenor & baritone saxophone
Scott Warren - Electro-spirits/ drums/percussion
Linsey Wellman - alto saxophone/ clarinet

Greatly inspired by the late American jazz icon Sun Ra, the Rakestar Arkestra deliver fast-moving, multi-layered grooves, compounded with inventive and colourful improvisations. Lead by Rory Magill, the 8 piece jazz band from Ottawa look to offer creative avant-garde jazz from outer space. Founded in 2000, the group is comprised of: four saxophonists, a Hammond organ player, a synthesizer player, a xylophonist, drums and percussion, as well as electronic and instrumental spirit-calling. Adorned in eccentric costumes, the audacious Ottawa octet is bound to razzle and dazzle audiences at this year’s festival.