Random Recipe

Sunday July 1 @ 5:00PM at OLG Ontario Stage


Frannie Holder - voice, guitar, omnichord
Fabrizia Di Fruscia - voice, steel drum
Liu-Kong Ha - drums, percussions
Stephano Petrocca - bass

Random Recipe celebrate their 10th anniversary with Distractions, a fiercely independent and crowd sourced third album, catalyzed by hundreds of shows played all over the world. Now a trio, the group strongly reaffirm their quirky musical identity with this collection of 8 songs co-produced by Philippe Brault and Marie-Hélène L. Delorme (FOXTROTT), who definitely brought a bold, percussive and dazzling quality to the project. After Kill the Hook (2013) and Fold It! Mold It! (2010), Frannie, Fab and Liu-Kong embarked on a creative journey propelled by inspiring collaborations. Partners in crime Marie-Hélène L. Delorme (FOXTROTT), Marie-Pierre Arthur, Rhonda Smith (Prince), Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets), Lisa Iwanycki (Blood and Glass), Heartstreets, Tali Taliwah (Nomadic Massive), Giselle Numba One, Sunny Moonshine (Sunny & Gabe) and Emily Lazar encouraged them to redefine, reaffirm and enrich their musical trajectory. On this new album, Random Recipe have infused their trademark eclectic sound with pop, rap, funk and electro.

During the writing process, the group chose to question the music industry, and above all, women’s contribution and evolution in the music world. As a result, the lyrics of the songs on Distractions (the title alludes to our era of constant entertainment, overabundant information and ephemeral satisfaction) explore these social, political and feminist issues. Never before had the two singers’ complementary voices been so biting!

But above all, Random Recipe remain a truly astonishing stage act. Each of the new tracks on the album pays tribute to this love of live performance. With Distractions the trio is sure to keep blowing the roof off venues around the globe!