Red Hook Soul

Great Canadian Jazz

Wednesday June 28 @ 6:30pm, TekSavvy Main Stage, Confederation Park


Michael Blake - tenor/soprano saxophone
Tony Scherr - lead guitar
Avi Bortnick - rhythm guitar
Rob Jost - electric bass
Moses Patrou - percussion
Tony Mason - drums

Red Hook is a working-class neighbourhood of Brooklyn which in the 1920s was the world’s busiest freight port, but by the 1990s was labeled “one of the worst neighbourhoods in the United States.” It was the setting of the Marlon Brando movie On The Waterfront and Hubert Selby's gritty novel Last Exit in Brooklyn, but in recent years its lofts and warehouses have been gentrified. Local musicians like Canadian-born saxophonist Michael Blake have their own studios, storefronts, and a low-key jazz festival. Red Hook Soul stays true to its origins as a bar band, though, playing with the spunk and backbeat to keep drinkers happy. Blake’s lines on soprano and tenor horns surge over and through the slough of two guitars, keyboards, electric bass, percussion and drums, as if leading a conga line, because that’s exactly what he wants: You to stand up, get down, wiggle and shake.