The Romance Of Improvisation In Canada – The Genius of Eldon Rathburn

Sunday June 23 @ 8:00pm at NAC Fourth Stage


Kevin Turcotte - trumpet
Petr Cancura - saxophones
Marianne Trudel - piano
Adrian Vedady - bass
Jim Doxas - drums

The Romance of Improvisation in Canada reimagines the music of the great Canadian composer Eldon Rathburn and was recorded in February 2018 at the National Film Board’s historic studio in Montreal. This versatile all-star combo takes the listeners on a voyage through lively bebop to free jazz, tango and mambo, and brings the recording to a touching conclusion with a sentimental ballade. There is something here for all tastes and interests! The Romance of Improvisation is a uniquely inspiring and groundbreaking Canadian creative project, one that plays between tender nostalgia and the best of forward-looking 21st-century jazz.