Ron Sexsmith

Friday February 4

Ron Sexsmith - vocals, piano, guitar

Inspiring musicians of diverse backgrounds throughout his illustrious career Canada’s Ron Sexsmith’s lyricism has been described as “witty, clever, and warm”. This is what has kept fans of all ages coming back for more. Sexsmith’s first major-label albums, 1995's Ron Sexsmith and 1997's Other Songs, were the beginnings of a composer who showed promise and formed a connection with his listeners. His 2005 release “Destination Unknown” was a collaboration with long-time musical partner Don Kerr (a primarily acoustic effort). Ron’s 2017 album “The Last Rider”, was the first time Sexsmith recorded with his road band instead of studio musicians.

Following 30 years as an emblem of Toronto’s west end, Ron uprooted to the serene hamlet of Stratford, Ontario, and the melodic, playful, theatrically vivacious ‘Hermitage’ came gushing out. Sexsmith was inspired by the peace he found with this new change in his life.