Safe Low Limit

Saturday August 21 @ 1:00pm at Confederation Park Stage

OLG Free the Jazz

Mask Policy

Please note that masks will be required at all times in Confederation Park.

This is to follow provincial health guidelines in regards to Covid-19.

Ken Kanwisher - cello
Keith Walton-Hartshorn - tuba
Michel Delage - drums
Steve Berndt - trombone, vocals

An eclectic jazz oriented group comprised solely of instruments pitched in the bass clef. Safe Low Limit is a mix of cello, trombone, tuba and drums, creating a unique repertoire of original compositions along with material from a broad range of musical styles. In 2017, Safe Low Limit produced a concert at the bottom of a swimming pool in Vanier and has played a number of concerts and festivals since then. In 2019 the band recorded an album called "High On Low" containing the same mix of originals and some very unexpected other low brow material.