Silla and Rise

Saturday August 21 @ 5:00pm at Confederation Park Stage

OLG Free the Jazz

Mask Policy

Please note that masks will be required at all times in Confederation Park.

This is to follow provincial health guidelines in regards to Covid-19.

Charlotte Qamaniq - vocals
Charlotte Carleton - vocals
Rise Ashen - electronic percussion

Silla and Rise are a musical group consisting of members from the Inuit throat singing group Silla performing alongside global-grooves producer/percussionist Rise Ashen. Performing with Rise since 2015, Silla’s members (all hailing from Nunavut) have worked to place traditional throat singing into a modern context and keep it thriving in spite of the historical and modern threats posed by colonialism. Rise’s musical vision was forged at the crossroads of underground dance and world music, bringing together a broad spectrum of musical ideas from different cultures. A common thread of these genres is the driving beat, which integrates the rhythmic nature of katajjaq.